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Nov 1, 2017
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Body Language Mastery
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Body language is another form of subtle communication often practiced consciously or unconsciously. This “language” is fast gaining the interest of many people. Body language though very relevant but can sometimes be wrongly interpreted, however it is still useful.

Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction To Body Language

Chapter 2: Understand The Positive And Negative Positions

Chapter 3: Observe How People React To Certain Body Language

Chapter 4: Set A Goal For The Image You Wish To Project

Chapter 5: Practice Scenarios In The Mirror

Chapter 6: Train Your Body To React Positively

Chapter 7: Learn How To Take Down Someone’s Wall with Positive Body Positions

Chapter 8: Understand The Importance Of Symmetry

Chapter 9: Understand The Importance Of Matching The Other Person

Chapter 10: What You Can Get Into With The Incorrect Body Language

Wrapping Up

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